Our array of seasoned licensed customs brokers will work with you to expedite and simplify the customs clearance procedures and will ensure adherence to all customs compliance and government regulations.

Custom Clearance Services include:
Government Permit and Clearances acquisition Customs documentation and process of shipping documents Shipment examination at designated CY/CFS Handling of stuffing and de-stuffing procedures



Ocean freight is considered as the most common mode of transport importers and exporters use. In fact, a whopping 90% of cargo is shipped by sea freight. This mode is efficient for volume, non-urgent cargo and goods originating from adjacent nations with that of the country of destination.

Using our close links to shipping companies thru preferred carrier programs, we can offer necessary freight space at a very competitive price all-year round. We can guide you on how to maximize freight space in every shipment.


Our extensive experience and proven track record in the customs brokerage and import/export industry, we are confident in our ability to provide incomparable service to all types of importers and exporters in a wide variety of industries.

To ensure prompt and efficient delivery of each shipment, we work hand in hand with various government agencies and assist our clients in the preparation of all documentation requirements prior to the movement of goods. Our integrated air networks are utilized to guarantee safe and on-time delivery.



We offer cargo consolidation (air/sea) and facilitation of the whole process from documentation of the shipment from the port of origin to your desired destination. We offer handling for transhipment of any type of cargo and will guarantee that the cargo will reach the nominated destination.

Cargo Consolidation Services include:
Pick-up from shipper and transportation of cargo to the stuffing point Stuffing of cargo into the container Use of Premium air/shipping lines


We have a team of seasoned professionals and consultants who are equipped with extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of import and export routines, terms and conditions to give you personalized and more flexible assistance with your logistics concerns.

Our team assures to provide planning and management measures in accordance to your needs which shall cover all aspects of the process including but not limited to obtaining export/import licenses, centralized government registration, refunds, bonds, proof of export, and customs export/import clearances.



TLCB understands the extraordinary need of some clients, thus, we also offer “ALL IN SERVICE PACKAGE DEAL”.

The package deal includes facilitation during customs processing, clearances, releasing and delivery. Name your supplier, commodity and from there, we will assume the arrangement.

Experience hassle-free and expedited service in all of your trading transactions. We are eager to provide you our expertise. TRY ALL IN!

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